The jmc Team is the name of both the series and the team, that participate in it. The series is made by JCA1009. The were two seasons so far (both were cancelled), with the third one coming soon. The team itself is composed of the viewers of Jmc TV (known here as avatars) as well as some real life players. The main goal of the team is to compete with the real life teams (in seasons 1 and 3).

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

List of jmc Team's matches in Season 3Edit

jmc Team 3-2 CE Sabadell
jmc Team 5-1 Universitario de Socre
AS Roma 0-1 jmc Team
CA Osasuna 1-3 jmc Team

Squad list (Season 3)Edit

  • 1989worms1
  • Runnerhunter135 (goalkeeper)
  • JCA1009 (captain)
  • Tim Brouwer
  • Bradley Garzon
  • Grant Thomas
  • Dan Ballz
  • HazyTempest8
  • Igor Costa Rodriguez
  • Augusto Comte
  • Jose Luis Calles
  • Jose Luis Rosales
  • Leon99TV
  • Lorric101
  • Liam Holton
  • Lionel Aboy
  • ArturTheGames
  • EnZo221100
  • Gabriel Vachon
  • Robinho Melo
  • Matias Pinto
  • aldemar28

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